Hello everyone as you can see from the page header I am DJS!

I have been a DJ for 19 years now and I started DJing when I was just 13. 


I have always loved music growing up and when I was a teenager my Dad (DJ SAINT) was going out DJing at the weekends and this for something that I took an interest too.

So before you knew it DJ S! was born. So growing up I was luckily enough to to have the nineties & naughty's music. That's right CHEESEY POP.

In addition to that there was also PUNK ROCK/POP. Now this kinda music really did appeal to me but the only thing was as a mobile DJ I knew I had a lot of music knowledge to learn. 

So this was where my dad came in. At 13 years old I was out with my dad learning the golden oldies (or as some people will say, proper music).

Now you have DJ S!

Most people will probably know me as I have done so many functions ranging from Children's Parties to 80th Birthdays and of course we all love a good Wedding. 

But COVID-19 has stopped the Mobile DJ life but APOLLO DJs did not give up and decided to give something back to all our fans that have stood by us an supported us.

We now have APOLLO RADIO.

You will now get to see more of my  personality and music tastes. 

Thank you for reading