Music has always been a part of my life growing up. It has definitely been the foundation of some of the best moments in my life so far. Me, my Dad (DJ Saint) and my brother (DJ Si) have always gone to gigs together to see many different artists over the years, the majority of the acts being rock or pop punk.


I started to see how much music can change peoples moods and how powerful it can be with our emotions. As I’m not a talented musician myself (I did try drums but couldn’t get the hang of it) I decided to follow my dad on what functions I was allowed to go to and watch him DJ. I started to pick it up and the early days of Apollo DJs was created.


Since then I have been a DJ at many venues and events across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Some of the biggest were; A Butlins 60’s weekend main stage, 2 Army barracks, camping and caravan clubs, a charity festival and many others.


Now as the financial partner of Apollo DJs and also a Kickboxing Instructor, I’m far from being a ‘desk jockey’.     I present shows on Apollo Radio to keep everyone entertained whilst we are going through this pandemic.


I have a vast knowledge of music that I’ve picked up over the years from all the DJs I’ve worked alongside. I personally prefer rock and pop punk as well as mainstream dance and R&B.